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Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking, just to say that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Hello there! They call me Isabelle. I don't know why. I call me Isabelle too. Still don't know why. But basically, I'm like a space Gandalf. I live in the USA (state of Oregon) and not a TARDIS, unfortunately. I have many fandoms, incluuuding: Doctor Who (the most), The Moff's Sherlock, Farscape, Slings And Arrows, Life On Mars, Northern Exposure, Party Animals, and Wonderfalls. Proud Benaddict and Matt Smith fangirl, I have a special place in my heart for Jim Taylor and Danny Foster. I ship Doctor/River to a ridiculous extent. I now have a hatred for 5:02 P.M., never approach me at that time...I'm a bit married to deanwimpchester, otherwise known as MAH JAMMY DODGER, because of things and MIKA. But polygamy is always okay. I own a fez. Oh, and did I mention I have both a man and a gun? Weelllll... I dabble. Dabbling is cool. adorable fuzzy jam-loving hedgehog(s) aboard the TARDIS
~ Thursday, November 24 ~
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