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Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking, just to say that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Hello there! They call me Isabelle. I don't know why. I call me Isabelle too. Still don't know why. But basically, I'm like a space Gandalf. I live in the USA (state of Oregon) and not a TARDIS, unfortunately. I have many fandoms, incluuuding: Doctor Who (the most), The Moff's Sherlock, Farscape, Slings And Arrows, Life On Mars, Northern Exposure, Party Animals, and Wonderfalls. Proud Benaddict and Matt Smith fangirl, I have a special place in my heart for Jim Taylor and Danny Foster. I ship Doctor/River to a ridiculous extent. I now have a hatred for 5:02 P.M., never approach me at that time...I'm a bit married to deanwimpchester, otherwise known as MAH JAMMY DODGER, because of things and MIKA. But polygamy is always okay. I own a fez. Oh, and did I mention I have both a man and a gun? Weelllll... I dabble. Dabbling is cool. adorable fuzzy jam-loving hedgehog(s) aboard the TARDIS
~ Tuesday, October 4 ~

New Follower Milestones

Sometimes, 10 and 25 and 50 and 75 and 100… they just don’t cut it. You become tired of the monotony of multiples of five. So, I present you all with new reasons to celebrate.

1-11 - Imagine your followers as all of the Doctors. I assure you, it makes it much more amusing. (Note: This also works at baseball games.)

Celebrate With - Oh, I don’t know. Have some fish fingers and custard, if you so wish.

42 - But of course! When your follower count is the Ultimate Answer, well… good reason to celebrate, eh?

Celebrate With: Naturally, the strongest drink in the Universe, you hoopy frood! Have a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster on me!

140 - Romanavoratrelundar’s approximate age! You’re in wonderful condition.

Celebrate By: Petting your favorite robot dog.

221 - Welcome to Baker Street, eh? I’d want you as a flatmate, for sure.

Celebrate With: Jam. And buy yourself that cat jumper, hmm? Only $48 from Etsy!

750 - Life doesn’t begin until 750, as the Fourth Doctor so astutely said.

Celebrate With - Your knowledge of how much swag you have. You know it, you don’t have to prove it to anyone.

907 - Congratulations! The Tenth Doctor proclaims that he is the age of your follower count! (He’s probably lying, though.)

Celebrate With: Bananas are good.

1103: You are so cool, you have no idea. Eleven also proclaims to be the age of you follower count, though he is certainly lying.

Celebrate With: Buy yourself a fez and some Jammy Dodgers. Better yet, have Nixon get them for you.

Remember, followers don’t really matter. They’re just numbers. Don’t ever let them get you down. Even if you aren’t at any of these milestones, if you don’t think you ever will be, well… Have a jammy dodger on me.

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